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[03 Jan 2019|10:01pm]
Welcome to what was my principal online home for five years (2003-2008). For various reasons, I'm a less frequent visitor here now, though I do still post from time to time and occasionally dip into my reading list.

Since I'm hopeful that some folks out there will be willing to pay to enjoy this content in another format, my journal is now friends-only. If you would like reading access, or you just want to share something with me, send an email to badfaggot [at] hotmail [dot] com -- I'm an enthusiastic correspondent and check my mail every day.

If you want to see what I'm up to these days, I'd encourage you to pay a visit to my website, or subscribe to mjfeed.
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BEACH BLANKET BINGO: A Memorial Gathering for Dan Simmonds [01 Feb 2010|11:06am]

A Memorial Gathering for Dan Simmonds

(alias danbearnyc, alias Mother)

Saturday, 6 March 2010, 2-4 pm
LGBT Community Center, 208 West 13th Street, NYC

Why is this bingo different from all other bingo?

It’s an opportunity for friends of Dan to let their hair down, share their stories, memories, and faaabulous tchotchkes, and to camp it up in a Busby Berkeley-worthy production number to sing Mother into Technicolor on the Planet Fabulon (or at the Queens Home for Queens, depending on which version of the story you prefer).

Sartorial suggestions:

Warhol girl, Dreamland girl, cobra cult priestess, Carmen Miranda, Mama Rose, Nancy Sinatra, PSA flight attendant, lesbian pirate from outer space, Batman and Robin, Judah Ben-Hur. Tiaras or other festive headwear, leather, other drag, formal mourning and/or disco attire are likewise encouraged.

Bring, if you are able:

- a food or drink item to share (no alcohol please – Mother would approve, but the Center doesn’t)

- a small (less than $20) item for the bingo prize table, one that evokes Dan’s irrepressible spirit in some way

For those unable to attend: we are compiling a memory book which will be displayed at the gathering and later archived. You may mail cards or other contributions to the following address:

Matt Johnson
519 Somerville Avenue, #173
Somerville, MA 02143 USA

Production Wishlist:

- someone with a digital camcorder, who would be willing to film the proceedings for subsequent posting online, to share the gathering with those who are unable to attend

- a graphic designer willing to help put together a program for the proceedings

- design fairies/room décor crew: all are welcome and encouraged to bring decorative items that would aid in creating a festive ambiance. (Per the Center, only masking tape on the walls, please.)


If there is anything you would like to see happen as part of a memorial for Dan, please comment here. Feedback is welcome, and will be incorporated as time and logistics allow.

All are welcome to attend. Sing out, Louise, and spread the word!
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My Leather Workbook: autographed copies [26 Jan 2010|09:38pm]
A number of you have asked me about how you can receive autographed copies of the book. Well, I'd been planning to begin fulfilling those requests based on the shipment I received today. Unfortunately, the two dozen books in that shipment were affected by a printing error. Nothing wrong with them but the pagination, mind you -- still guaranteed readable and entertaining.

If you're willing to accept a slightly imperfect autographed copy, I would be happy to offer one to you for $10, inclusive shipping. That's 50 percent off the cover price -- very nearly at cost -- and the shipping is free. My PayPal address is; you can specify your shipping address with your order.

Of course, it's entirely understandable that you'd prefer a perfect copy. If that's the case, send a message to and I'll make sure you receive an autographed copy from a future shipment.

Thanks so much for your understanding, and happy reading!

- Matt
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My Leather Workbook: special bulletin [26 Jan 2010|08:45pm]
Oops! Those of you who have already ordered copies of My Leather Workbook may have noticed some printing errors relating to pagination - my apologies! Corrected copies are available for sale via Lulu as of Tuesday evening 1/26/10.

For folks who have received a "factory-seconds" copy:

If you would like a corrected copy, please email me at with proof of purchase and your mailing address and I will ship you one free of charge. (You may keep the copy you already have.)

If you are satisfied with your "factory-seconds" copy, I am still happy to refund your purchase price via PayPal. Send proof of purchase and your PayPal email address to and I will process your refund.

Thanks for your patience and understanding, and happy reading!

-- Matt
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My Leather Workbook: now available on Lulu! [20 Jan 2010|11:14pm]
Buy it here:

About the book

In 2003, Matt Johnson started writing a blog under the name Bad Faggot. What began as an entrée to an online community of kinksters evolved into an extended meditation on sexual identity, queer history and politics, the limits of human experience, community and companionship, leadership and celebrity, and the struggle to live an examined and fully integrated life. My Leather Workbook is the intellectual history of one young man’s coming-out into 21st-century adulthood through kink.

About the author

Matt Johnson is a writer, sometime scholar and librarian who has published numerous articles and interviews in the area of queer cultural studies. He has volunteered as a BDSM educator and HIV prevention outreach worker, served on the Leather Archives & Museum’s Teri Rose Library committee, and dispensed sex advice as a guest columnist on In 2007, he was invited to judge International Mr. Leather, one of the youngest people ever to receive that distinction. An inveterate if noncommittal New Yorker, he now lives with his partner outside Boston.
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Dan Simmonds [27 Dec 2009|07:02pm]
Dan and I met about six years ago when we shared a barber in Brooklyn. It happened that said barber and his husband were determined to get me to Inferno and prevailed upon Dan to sponsor me. To my knowledge, Dan hadn't been to Inferno in a decade or more, so this gesture was as altruistic as they come. And when, two years afterward I managed to contract a case of crabs less than a week before I was due to leave for Michigan, it was Dan who met me in Union Square with a tube of the super-toxic-kill-em-all paste to make sure I could still go get my freak on.

I got to know Dan at a time when I still found myself surprised by and suspicious of the generosity of others. Like the other people I was meeting (many of whom had long been Dan's intimates), his generosity extended well beyond the domain of kink life. On an adjunct professor's salary, he somehow found a way to hire me to help clean his apartment when I was desperate for any work I could come by. When I finally landed full-time work for the first time in years, he gave me two Brooks Brothers suits left over from his M.B.A. days, both perfect fits which I've worn to every job interview since. Those were in addition to the rubber hazmat suit which he'd worn at Inferno and which went back to Michigan with me.

Like a lot of generous people of my experience, Dan could be a challenge to interact with. Conversations with him were punctuated with double entendres, rhyming slang, references to classic Hollywood film and occasional bursts of song, sometimes to the point of being unsure that you were getting your point across. Dan was a classically-trained gay, but not one who allowed his commitment to camp to undermine his commitment to feminism, even if it did entail tormenting his Women's Studies 101 students with footage of Adam West as Batman defeating the women's libbers. Nor was his affection for Ethel Merman, Nancy Sinatra, or Holly Woodlawn disconsonant with a love of burly, scruffy guys and rough-and-tumble sex. Along with others, Dan taught me that there are many more ways to be butch than are dreamt of in most men's philosophies.

Dan and I hadn't exchanged correspondence of much substance since I left New York, but he could be relied on for regular if exceedingly brief emails on out-of-the-blue topics. I doubt many of my friends could recall the name of the town in northern Vermont where I grew up, but for several years Dan forwarded me links to news from Montpelier every time one crossed his desk.

It was hard to imagine being all that close to Dan, but he was always present: at every dinner, every party, every outing, lingering insistently on the periphery of consciousness even at a geographical remove. Perhaps predictably, I didn't fully appreciate the consequence of his presence in my life until I learned he had gone.
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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Young and Kinky [18 May 2009|02:19pm]
CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Young and Kinky, edited by Matt Johnson aka Bad Faggot

We're the present and future of a network of communities which are growing by leaps and bounds but which nonetheless feel marginalized and threatened. We're either hailed as saviors of a sexual culture or framed as a problem that culture is forced to confront in order to survive. We're often talked about in the abstract but only rarely are our individual voices setting the terms of the conversation. This book means to shift that balance.

Young and Kinky (working title) is an anthology of short nonfiction by people under age 40 who are participants in leather, BDSM, fetish, kink or related communities. This collection defines “community” as broadly as possible: from educational events to sex parties, from book clubs to social networking sites, from erotic businesses to charitable organizations.

Possible topics for inclusion:

-- coming out narratives: finding communities, finding other young kinksters
-- forming our own groups: TNG, boys/girls of leather
-- integrating into existing groups: how to do it successfully
-- bars, clubs, contests: are kink institutions still relevant?
-- the generation gap: relating to our elders and our history
-- youth leadership in kink communities
-- where we live: physical and virtual gathering places
-- what we do: is our kink different?
-- naming: what do we call ourselves and why?
-- why now? are there more of us than there used to be?
-- is age just a number? when are we no longer “young”?
-- talking across divisions of gender and sexual preference
-- does young equal submissive?
-- social bias (racism, sexism, ageism, biphobia, transphobia) in the scene
-- out in the world: kinky at work, with family, friends, and children, in other communities

Contributions should range from 1000 to 5000 words in length. Please no fiction, porn/erotica, or poetry. This is a nonfiction volume reflecting our lived experiences as younger kinky people of all genders and orientations. Contributions from women, transfolk, and kinky folk of color are particularly encouraged.

Please submit a summary (no more than 3 paragraphs) plus a brief contributor bio no later than June 30, 2009. Initial submission of full articles should be no later than December 31, 2009. Electronic submissions strongly preferred.


Matt Johnson

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